Ceressys’ research services are grounded in expertise and experience in agricultural economics and finance, in farm and environmental management, and in agricultural sciences. They provide better understanding of the complex dynamics driving agriculture and agribusiness. This allows to clearly identify strategic issues at play and the corresponding risk matrix.

Examples of topics of interest :

–       Investment needs and capacity of dairy farms in Quebec at the 2020 horizon.

–       Dynamics of farmland market : impact of public policies on farmland value, ecological components of farmland value.

–       Price dynamics of agricultural commodities : ecology and purchasing power, innovation and population.

Ceressys’ research work can be integrated into :

–          strategic thinking exercise

–          building foresight scenarios

–          industry risk assessment

–          impact analysis

–          building models for decision-making

–          crisis management

–          preparation of negociations

–          white papers or position papers