Agriculture around the world is facing daunting challenges which could be summarized into one question : can enough food be produced and distributed to a growing and urbanizing population, in a context of ecological stress and within a globalized market economy ? Of course the terms are different whether one is a poor peasant in Niger or a hog producer in Quebec, a latifundia owner in Brazil or a rice farmer in Japan.

The evolutionary dynamics of agriculture are unfolding along several planes (ecological, technological, economic, political and social), driven by specific determinants, sets of constraints, interactions, disruption points and feedback loops. This makes balancing development and resilience very challenging although this balance is crucial for ensuring the regional sustainability of agriculture and agribusiness.

Ceressys was set up in October 2013 by Bertrand Montel (CV) in order to help organizations, with a direct or indirect interest in agriculture and agribusiness, grasp these complex dynamics and, then build development strategies and risk management policies as consistent and relevant as possible.

Ceressys offers research and advisory services to answer the specific needs of client organizations. This offering is completed by a blog where we address current issues and theoritical questions which may influence the development of agriculture and agribusiness.

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